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Get More Out of Our Friendship
Are you following us on our Facebook page? If so, you’ve
probably been enjoying the great, women-centered content.
You may notice we’ve grown lately, too. HAP has many
other features that may benefit you. So, we’ve expanded our
Facebook page into a complete
HAP experience
. Our online
Wise Woman community now offers health information for
family members and friends, special offers and links to what’s
happening in and around metro Detroit.
If you haven’t already “liked” our page, join our new,
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Keeping Our Children Well
Well-child visits, a benefit of HAP membership, are
an important way to be sure your child’s health is
on track. It also provides an opportunity for you to
discuss any questions and concerns.
Here’s when to schedule well-child visits for your
0 to 15 months:
Your baby should have at least
six well-child visits during this time period. This
is a way for you and your child’s pediatrician to
ensure certain milestones are reached.
Toddler to tween years:
A well-child visit each
year will help prepare your toddler for a healthy
start to pre-school or kindergarten.
A yearly well-care visit will keep
your adolescent’s health on track.
It’s That Time Again
It’s not just a day, it’s a “season.” The
holidays, and the time leading up to them,
can be wonderful but also stressful. This
year, take a few minutes to make a plan!
Check out our Holiday Survival webinar where Zonya
Foco, R.D., will give you great ideas for “Shopping Cheats,
Exercise Sneaks and Healthy Treats.” Simply login at
and click on
Member Programs
, then
and look for Weight Wise Webinars. You’ll find this
webinar along with webinars on a variety of topics.
Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy and safe
holiday season.
Staying Abreast of Breast Cancer
It’s breast cancer awareness month, and we’re glad to
report that death rates from breast cancer have been
decreasing by about two percent each year, thanks to
regular screenings, earlier detection and treatment
advancements. Yet one in eight women will develop
invasive breast cancer during her lifetime.
Women ages 40 to 69 should have a mammogram
every one to two years and a clinical breast exam
every year. Are you due for a mammogram? To find
out, log in to
and choose the
My Health &
tab, then
Health Reminders
. If you’re due
for a screening, schedule it today.