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Wise Health
Incorporate these foods into
your diet regularly
1 cup of kidney beans with brown rice
cup cooked spinach over pasta
4 ounces of orange juice and fortified
A potassium-rich salad of spinach,
raisins and orange slices with a
serving of whole wheat bread
A cup of oatmeal with strawberries
Quinoa tossed with spinach,
cucumbers and tomatoes
A cup of cooked barley topped with
stir-fried tofu, broccoli, carrots and
Sauté some bok choy with black
Flax-rich cereal with soy milk topped
with diced apples
Ages & Stages
“As we approach another decade (it happens quite quickly, it seems), it’s
important for us to realize that for every decade we age, our metabolism
decreases, and we burn about 50 calories less every day,” says Zonya
Foco, R.D., facilitator of the HAP Weight Wise
program. “That means,
if we do not ‘cut back’ by 50 calories (like nixing four ounces of juice or a
pat of butter) every day, we’ll pack on five pounds every year. That sure
explains a lot now, doesn’t it?”
The bottom line: “If at any time the scale is starting to creep up on you,
just curb something that is part of your daily routine,” Zonya suggests.
“Change to a smaller-sized juice glass, eliminate the butter from your
toast, take your coffee black or enjoy cereal without sugar. Adopting
these habits will go a long way to keep off unwanted weight gain over
the decades!”
Besides a balanced and healthy array of groceries, what should be in a
Wise Woman’s grocery cart? The answer depends on your age. Choosing
the best foods for your age can help you power through the changes that
are going on in your body.
In Your 30s …
“Scoop up folate-rich fruits and vegetables like bananas, oranges, leafy
greens, dried lentils, beans and split peas. You should aim for 400 mcg of
folate a day. Also include vitamin C-rich citrus to help you absorb iron, to
fend off anemia from heavy periods,” advises Zonya.
In Your 40s …
“It’s time to adjust to the changin’ times,” Zonya says. “That means
it’s time to increase consumption of probiotic and calcium-rich nonfat
yogurt and skim milk. Plus, be sure you get added fiber in your diet from
fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This will help you to feel satisfied as
you begin dialing down portion sizes (and calories) to adjust to the next
In Your 50s …
“To help combat the effects of menopause, go for the rich phyto-
estrogens in ground flax seed, soy milk, soy nuts, black soybeans and
tofu. And don’t forget to take a vitamin D supplement,” suggests Zonya.
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