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Wise Health
Family on Board
You’ve attended HAP Weight Wise
seminars. You’ve resolved to adopt
healthier eating habits and exercise regularly. There’s just one problem:
It’s not just you.
You’ve also got a family. Maybe a spouse, adolescent or pre-adolescent
kids. And when you set down the scrumptious stir-fry you’ve slaved over,
they clamor for pizza.
Kevin Sloan, M.S., L.L.P., psychologist at Beaumont
Hospital, begins with an analogy. “You know how
when you get on a plane and the flight attendants
give that part of the preflight speech about the
oxygen masks? They say ‘put your own mask on
before helping others.’ Life works the same way.
When Wise Women take care of themselves, they’re
better able to take care of their families. That’s
nothing to feel guilty about. Once you care for
yourself, you’ll often find your family’s opposition
is minimized, because you have more energy and more assertiveness
to stick with your goals. Know that taking care of yourself will enhance
your ability to take care of your family.”
Kevin suggests:
Communicate your plan in a family meeting.
Establish and maintain structure and consistency.
Eliminate unhealthy options.
You’ll get less opposition if unhealthy choices aren’t easily accessible. Kids have an
infinite capacity to adjust.
If you’re providing choices, make them healthy.
Offer choices between celery or carrots, or a walk and a bike ride.
Have a plan for integrating the healthy habits.
If you’re taking a kid to soccer practice, take a walk during the
practice. Picking kids up from school? Have healthy snacks ready so you don’t end up hitting the drive-thru.
Think about your own motivation and reasons to stay on track.
Maybe you want to be a better role model, or have
more energy to keep up with your kids or more self-confidence.
Kevin Sloan,
M.S., L.L.P.
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