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I’ve learned to overcome my fears and try new experiences.
I thought karate would be a good family activity for my son, husband and me, but being
a “fluffy” lady it was nerve-wracking for me. In our first class, we had to stand in lines,
adults in the back. Behind us were parents watching their kids. I was so embarrassed doing
the forms in front of those parents, but then I thought, at least I’m trying. Two years later,
I’ve lost 36 pounds, and I took second place in the category of form and weapons in a
recent tournament. My new motto truly has become “Fight Like a Girl!”
Stephanie Lamas, Lake Orion
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Introducing Cook eKitchen™
“What’s for dinner?” Whether the whine is from your kids
or your stomach, it often starts before you’re even all the
way through the door.
Either way, we have the solution.
Cook eKitchen™ is a
new, free recipe site
. In short,
fun video clips, chefs
Mehdi Chellaoui, Ji
Young Min and Rich
Estrin demonstrate
quick, healthy recipes,
such as chicken stir-
fry, whole-wheat pita
pizza or cinnamon-
raisin muffins. There
are plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian and diabetes-friendly
recipes too. They’re so simple that if it’s your kids doing
the whining, you can have them check the site and get to
Find Cook eKitchen™ on the home page of
. Your
friends can access it even if they’re not HAP members.
Let them know!
Women Helping Women
Wise women share tips for successfully managing their many roles.
The End of Overeating – Taking Control
of the Insatiable American Appetite
by David A. Kessler, M.D.
How many times have you
thought, “I’ll just have
one slice of pizza,” only to
realize, half an hour later,
you’ve eaten the whole
thing? Why is it so hard to
stop eating?
The answer may not be a
simple matter of willpower.
David A. Kessler, M.D., a pediatrician who
also served as commissioner of the U.S. Food
and Drug Administration, examines research
about how our brain’s reward system may
be overstimulating our appetites. Dr. Kessler
provides tools and insights to help us break the
unhealthy overeating cycle. In a world of large
portion sizes, chain restaurants competing for our
business and readily available unhealthy snack
foods, this book may offer you the knowledge to
take control back.
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