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Checkup Checklists
You’ve scheduled the doctor’s appointment. You’ve
cleared your calendar. Now all that’s left is to
ensure the visit is everything you need it to be.
Here’s what to do before you go:
Make a list of your concerns/questions.
Write down all of the medications or
supplements you’re taking, including how
much you take and when you take them.
Be honest. Your doctor’s questions are
designed to help you, even if they seem
embarrassing or personal.
If you don’t understand something, ask, and
write things down.
You’ll find more resources on
, including
forms that can help you organize your information
by type of appointment. Log in, choose the
Health & Wellness
tab and select
Tools and
Resources > Decision Tools > Related Information
The best gift HAP has given me is a CD to help me
transition each day from work life to family life.
I attended
Revive®: Simple Tools to Overcome Stress
about a
year ago. The speaker, Donna Marie, inspired me. HAP gave
me a CD called
Relaxation for Inner Peace
. For my birthday,
I asked my husband for an alarm clock
with a CD player. Now, when I get home
from work, I change out of my business
clothes, lie down on the bed and play one
of the tracks. It really helps me with the
transition to home.
Linda Pallazolo, Troy
If I think of somebody during the day, I send a
quick text message just to let them know.
The messages I send are simple and short, sometimes
just “I hope you’re having a great day,” but I get great
responses from people. Sometimes friends and family
will say things like, “You can’t imagine
how much those mean to me.” I just
like letting them know they aren’t
forgotten. And they’re not forgetting
about me either.
Colleen Kelledes Alward,
Macomb Township
Women Helping Women
Wise women share tips for successfully managing their many roles.
Self-Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up
and Leave Insecurity Behind
by Kristin Neff, Ph.D.
What do you like least about
yourself? Is it your appearance?
Eating or exercise habits?
Relationships? How do you judge and
criticize yourself for this? Do those
thoughts make you more motivated?
We didn’t think so.
Now imagine this: What if we didn’t evaluate ourselves
as good or bad? What if we treated ourselves with the
sort of compassion we offer to a friend or stranger?
What if that could lead you to a healthier, more
productive life?
In this life-changing book, Dr. Kristin Neff uses solid
research, personal stories and practical exercises to
help you let go of self-judgment and learn to be good
to yourself.
Wise Woman
Book Review