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Wise Health
For a less stressful, more peaceful holiday season, the time to start is
now, says Donna Marie, M.A., facilitator of HAP’s
REVIVE: Simple Tools
to Overcome Stress
program, professional life coach and confidante,
. “Sit down with your family in the fall,
late October is a good time, and talk about a plan for the upcoming
holidays,” she suggests.
Talk about work:
“Depending on your line of work, you may or may not be able to
schedule time off,” Donna acknowledges. Either way, there are ways
to reduce mental “clutter” for a calmer holiday. If you’re taking time
off, but still have to be available, use your outgoing voice message and
auto-reply emails to set expectations in terms of your response time.
“To keep emails from piling up, check once a day, and answer or delete
whatever you can quickly. Let co-workers know you’re not taking
phone calls and that the best way to reach you is by email.”
Talk about giving:
“We all love gifts, but do we really need so many?
What if we set aside some of our gift budget to
donate to a charity or two?” Donna suggests. “Pick
a charity as a family, and then donate whatever
you can afford.
It doesn’t just have to be financial support, a gift
of your time is valuable. If your charity is a senior
center, for example, maybe you could make a visit
there as a family. Talk with extended family and let them know your
family will be donating to a charity, so you manage their expectations.
They may decide to do the same thing.”
Talk about what you love:
What did your family members love about last year’s holiday season?
What didn’t work so well? Decide what you want to do differently this
year. Get a consensus, and refine your holiday customs year by year.
Let’s Talk Holidays
Donna Marie,
HAP Introduces
Assist America Global
Emergency Services
Planning a trip to Memphis, Maui or
even Madagascar? Go with confidence,
knowing that you not only have your
HAP coverage, but Assist America’s
global emergency services, as well! At
no cost to you, Assist America brings you
value-added services and support while
traveling 100 miles or more away from
home – even if it’s to another country.
They completely arrange and pay for the
services they provide, without limits on
the cost.
HAP is the only Michigan-based health
plan to offer Assist America. One phone
call connects you with their many
resources, including medical monitoring
and emergency medical evacuation –
even help with lost luggage, lost
documents, pre-trip information and
much more. Assist America’s service
coordinators are available 24 hours a day.
Assist America is not medical insurance
and does not replace your HAP plan
benefits for medical emergencies – but
it’s good to know that you have extra
help when you need it most. It’s our way
of passing more value and greater savings
on to you. Learn more about this valuable
service. Visit\hap
Holiday Eating Strategies
Have you ever been standing next to the food table at a holiday party and realized you single-handedly polished
off half a platter of mini sausages? If so, you’re not alone. Learn strategies to deal with your overeating during the
holidays. Check out our new Holiday Survival webinar, featuring Zonya Foco, R.D., author and HAP Weight Wise
facilitator. It’s free on
. Log in and go to the
My Health & Wellness
tab, then select
Member Programs
Weight Wise
Please note: this webinar will be available at
after October 25, 2011.