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Wise Members
I’ve incorporated small changes that I learned from
HAP Weight Wise
and the
HAP Family
events. Thanks to HAP, I’ve lost 44 pounds, and my son and I are much healthier.
A couple of years ago, I attended a
HAP Weight Wise
program. That’s what got me
motivated. I remember Zonya Foco, the presenter, suggested making little changes
each day, one or two at a time. One of those changes was drinking water – it helps to
rinse the toxins out and helps your metabolism. I started drinking water. Then Zonya
suggested adding a vegetable or fruit whenever you have a snack. I thought I’ll try that.
The changes worked, and over the last couple years I’ve lost 44 pounds! When I received
HAP Family Challenge
invitation, I registered to attend with my son, Derek, who’s 12.
Mike Morelli from
The Biggest Loser Season 7
had the kids doing exercises. Chef Paul
Penney was there, too … he taught the kids to make healthy pizzas. Derek really
enjoyed that – he was excited and proud to make that meal at home for us. Now we
don’t eat fast food, we don’t drink pop and we’ve cut back on sugar. All those factors
have helped us feel better and lose weight.
Jeanette Cain, Lincoln Park
Women Helping Women
Wise women share tips for successfully managing their many roles.
You Ask.
We Answer.
Q: How do you decide whether to hold your wellness
events (like
HAP Weight Wise
, for example) on
Saturday mornings or on a weeknight?
We strive for dates and times that can allow for as
many of our members as possible to attend. We look
at school calendars, sports seasons, holiday breaks
and more; plus, we work to make sure various HAP
events don’t conflict with one another. For most
Wise Women, Saturday mornings seem to work best,
although we do hold some events on weeknights, too.
If you can’t attend an event, check out our webinars –
they’re available anytime you are. Just log in at
and select the
My Health and Wellness
Then click
Member Programs
and choose
Weight Wise
Wise Woman
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outdoors! Email us at hapwisewoman@ or share it with us on our HAP
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