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Wise Events
October is
Breast Cancer
Awareness Month
HAP recommends a mammogram every
one to two years for women over age 40,
so if you’re due, be sure to schedule your
mammogram before the holiday busyness
takes over. You’ll also be entered into a
drawing for some terrific prizes. Call your
doctor today to make an appointment.
Upcoming Events
Check out
for information on two upcoming
HAP Weight Wise
for Women – LIVE IT
November 10, 2011
with Zonya Foco, R.D.
REVIVE Simple Tools to Overcome Stress
November 19, 2011
featuring Donna Marie, M.A.
To learn more and register, log in at
and click on the
My Health & Wellness
tab, then
Member Programs
from the
right hand list then select
Weight Wise
Wise Woman
Please note,
event information will be posted on the website
one month prior to the event date.
New Health Library on
How many calories did I burn during my bike ride?
What questions should I ask my doctor about
How do I use a metered-dose inhaler?
Now you can find the answers all in one place, with our new
Health Library. Browse A-to-Z health information. Use our
interactive tools to check calories burned or calculate BMI for
you or your child. Use the handy online “symptom checker”
and much more. Log in at
and choose the
Health &
tab, link to
Tools and Resources
in the right hand
list, then choose
Health Library
Sprain your ankle at a family
gathering on the other side
of town?
Locating the nearest HAP-affiliated urgent
care center is now easier than ever.
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