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My experience at the
HAP MoveWell Every Day
event inspired me,
and others around me.
My sister-in-law and I attended the
HAP MoveWell Every Day
program last March in
Dearborn. I really enjoyed it – and the
Every Day Fitness Movement Training
I received. The great thing I learned is you don’t need special equipment. In fact, after
, I had a women’s meeting at my church, and I mentioned the class.
Before I knew it, I was showing them some of the exercises. Now we exercise together
every month. Some co-workers and I are taking the stairs instead of the elevator. One of
the simple exercises I love is: when you’re driving and you come to a red light, hold your
stomach in. When the light changes, let it out, getting that middle
section to strengthen and tone. I’m feeling so much better each
day. Some days I come home from work, and I’m tired, but my mind
tells me, “you need to do something; you’ll feel better and relieve
stress,” so I put in that DVD and say to myself, “let’s get moving!”
Thea Brassfield, Dearborn, Michigan
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The Power of a Mantra
“To keep your thoughts positive, create a
short mantra – a phrase you can remember
and repeat to yourself all day for calming
and encouragement,” suggests Donna
HAP Wise Woman Revive
Simple Tools to overcome
program facilitator.
Some mantra examples:
“I give joy to others I meet.”
“I’m in control of my life.”
“I focus on what
matters most.”