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With planning and a change in mindset, cooking healthy meals at
home, even with a busy schedule, is easier than Monica thought.
Last summer, I got an e-mail from HAP about
Weight Wise for Families
. It attracted my
attention because my kids were invited, too. I took my daughters, ages 12 and 8. For
me, the insight was meal planning. As a working mom, cooking at home was always
a challenge. There are four fast-food restaurants right by our house, so we’d choose a
restaurant every other day. On Sundays, we’re in church for much of the day, and I’d
come home starving. It was too easy to make unhealthy choices.
Now, on Sundays, I prepare a crock-pot meal before church. I throw in potatoes, turkey
and veggies, and we come home to great smells and a real family meal. During the
week, I do my meal prep work the night before or morning of. I pull out what I’m going
to cook, throw a salad together and pack the kids’ lunches. I cook from Sunday through
Thursday – home-cooked, lean meals. We eat beans, lentils, ground turkey, fish, salmon
and chicken. We make tacos with whole-grain tortillas. It’s easy, you just have to change
your mindset. The best part: now the girls would rather have me cook than go out to a
Monica Shahid, Harper Woods, MI
Women Helping Women
Wise women share tips for successfully managing their many roles.
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story or tip to inspire
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Q: “I would love to come to a HAP Weight Wise
program, but it’s too far
away from me! When will you have one closer to my area?”
Our members live throughout nine counties, the majority in the tri-county
area, and we would love to host events in every community. We work to
ensure most of our members have access to at least some of the six to eight
Wise Woman annual events. One way we do this is by alternating locations –
for instance, one year our HAP Weight Wise
for Women program will be in
Livonia and in Troy. The following year, we’ll host it in Dearborn and Sterling
Heights. For some members, this may mean driving a little more than usual,
but we hope that if a program interests you, you’ll join us.
To find event times and locations, log on to, choose the
My Health and Wellness
tab and click on
Member Programs
Got Two Minutes?
Get a Mammogram.
You’ll hear plenty of talk about mammograms come
October – that’s because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness
month. Don’t wait for October to get this important
screening. HAP recommends a mammogram every one
to two years for women beginning at age 40.
Age puts you at risk for breast cancer – and many
women don’t realize they have breast cancer until it’s in
an advanced stage. Finding it early can save your life.
Are you due? To find out, log in at
Choose the
My Health & Wellness
tab then click
Health Reminders
. You’ll see the recommended
tests you need displayed in red.
Remember One Thing
About Menopause
Misplaced your keys again? Meeting slipped your mind?
Instead of worrying about “dementia,” chalk it up to
“menopause.” Memory problems and menopause are
often linked. This can be due to many factors, including
reduced estrogen levels, insomnia due to hot flashes,
anxiety and multitasking. Responsibilities such as
caring for aging parents, packing kids off to college,
trying to manage your finances, advancing your career
and nurturing your relationships, may have you maxed
out. Avoid alcohol and try prioritizing and delegating
where possible. If concerns persist, talk with your
C Is Above
Maybe it can’t cure the
common cold. Vitamin
C can, however, do
something many wise
women may find even
more beneficial: prevent
wrinkles. It also protects
you against immune
system deficiencies, cancer,
heart disease, stroke and eye
disease. While the traditional recommended daily
amount of vitamin C has been 75 to 90 milligrams,
some experts are now recommending 500 milligrams
daily. Beyond that 4-ounce glass of orange juice,
which contains about 50 milligrams of vitamin C, or a
supplement, good C sources include a variety of fruits
and vegetables.
Red Pepper
1/2 cup
95 mg
1 cup
75 mg
70 mg
1 cup
60 mg
Green Pepper
1/2 cup
60 mg
Red Cabbage
1/2 cup
40 mg