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Ready, Set, Cook

Ready, Set, Cook is a free, afterschool program that addresses childhood obesity. Children who participate learn healthy eating habits and food preparation skills.



Collaborate: Partner with community organizations to serve more people.

Empower: Empower children and families by teaching basic healthy eating principles and food preparation skills.

Improve: Improve the health of our community.

Encourage: Encourage children and families to prepare nutritious meals together and develop healthy lifestyle habits.


This six session, hands-on cooking and lifestyle program for children ages 8-14 focuses on the American Academy of Pediatrics combination of daily habits and the winning formula known as
5, 2, 1, 0.

Each of the six one-hour sessions are conducted under the supervision of a professional chef who teaches specific cooking skills, like chopping and measuring as well as healthy kid-friendly recipes.

By teaching kids to prepare simple, healthy meals and snacks they will be empowered to make healthy food choices.

We want to inspire the whole family to eat healthier, use fewer processed foods and eat out less often. Families will learn that it's possible to improve their health and save money while doing it.

Watch this video to get an inside look at the program:

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