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Low Back Pain

Low back pain may range from a muscle ache to a shooting, stabbing pain. This discomfort may limit your movement and make it difficult to stand straight.

Some practices that may greatly reduce the risk of causing back injury are:

  • Doing activities that do not jolt or strain the back
  • Maintaining correct posture
  • Lifting objects properly at home or work
  • Exercising to strengthen back muscles

About HAP's Restore Caretrack® Program for Low Back Pain

HAP's Restore Caretrack® program is available to all HAP members ages 18 and older who are diagnosed with low back pain. The program supports your relationship with your physician by helping you stick to your prescribed treatment plans.

You'll get a nurse health coach to work one-on-one with you. Your nurse health coach can help you

  • Assess your readiness to make behavior changes
  • Identify specific challenges
  • Build self-confidence to manage your pain
  • Set goals
  • Provide information about back pain
  • Navigate the health care system

More Information on Low Back Pain

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