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Heart Health
New guidelines say adults should get no more than
2,300 mg of sodium a day. That’s about the amount
in 1 teaspoon of salt. The recommendation drops to
1,500 mg for adults older than age 40, African-
Americans and anyone with high blood pressure.
Your daily limit might be even lower if you follow a
special diet.
No matter your sodium goal, you can reach it. To
help you reach the right range, take a “low or no”
salt approach when grocery shopping. Skipping
foods high in salt means that you’ll eat healthier at
home. Here are some tips to remember next time
you’re at the store:
Choose fresh meats, produce and fsh instead
of their canned or processed versions.
Processing increases the amount of sodium
found in food naturally. That’s why less
processing means lower sodium. Frozen foods
are a good option too.
Look for food items labeled “no-salt-added,”
“sodium-free,” “low sodium” or “reduced
sodium.” Many foods are now available with
less sodium, including soups, frozen dinners
and condiments like ketchup.
Pick up salt alternatives for recipes.
Experiment with pepper, rosemary, basil and
other spices and herbs. Lemon and lime can
also satisfy the need for a salty taste. Add a
few drops to recipes to enhance favor.
Please Hold the Salt
You can’t always judge a food by its taste. Cereals
and other foods that don’t taste salty often have
as much sodium as potato chips. Check a food’s
label for the serving size and total sodium
amount to determine howmuch sodium is in
one serving. Know howmuch sodium you can
have and adjust your portions. Talk with a Nurse
Health Coach at
(800) 288-2902
for other ways to
cut sodium from your diet.
Check the Food Label
Did You Know?
You’d be surprised at how much hidden sodium is in
many popular food items. Follow this chart to know
what to buy and what to avoid:
Fresh or frozen
Canned vegetables
Regular cooking rice
Instant or favored rice
Fresh turkey breast you
cook and slice
Turkey breast deli meat