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Healthy Actions
Take steps to keep your health in check.
Are you taking antidepressants?
Follow up with your doctor on a regular basis
to ensure that you are on the correct dose.
Make sure your doctor knows any side efects
you’re experiencing.
Are you a woman age 40 or older?
Talk with your doctor about a Pap test to screen
for cervical cancer and a mammogram to screen
for breast cancer.
Do you have a heart condition?
Talk with your doctor about how often you need
your cholesterol checked. Have a cholesterol
test, if your doctor says you are due for one.
Ask your doctor about whether you need to
check your blood pressure more often.
If you have had a heart attack, talk with your
doctor about beta-blocker medication.
Do you have diabetes?
Have an Hb A1c test according to your doctor’s
Have an eye exam annually.
Ask if you need screenings to check your
cholesterol levels or kidney health.
Are You Due for a Health Screening?
Do you have a lung condition like asthma or COPD?
Schedule a checkup with your doctor to
review your medications and action plan.
Talk with your doctor about rescue inhalers
and inhaled steroids.
Do you have chronic kidney disease?
Talk with your doctor if you also have high blood
pressure to ensure you’re on an appropriate
Adopting a healthy habit isn’t always easy. One
factor that can make it harder is delaying actions
you need to take to make the change. Putting of
action is called procrastination.
Procrastinators know that taking action sooner can
help them avoid problems like stress. But worries
and self-blame can cause them to put things of.
To ease worries, consider positive things you can tell
yourself when negative thoughts creep into your
mind. And use reminders to build confdence, such
as sticky notes with positive messages.
Commit to taking action today and to not making
excuses that let you put of what is most important
to you.
Take a Pass on Procrastination
Use our online Health Reminder tool to keep
up with important screenings and services. Log
in at
Select the
My Health & Wellness
tab, and then choose
Health Reminders.