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Diabetes Spotlight
Look at the tops and bottoms of your feet and
between the toes. Tell your doctor right away if
you notice any changes.
Blisters, redness,
Sores, cuts
What to look for:
Stay Stylish Through
Summer with Happy,
Healthy Feet
When the weather warms up, it’s natural to want to
ditch your socks and shoes for sandals. But with
diabetes, nerve damage or poor circulation can make
it difcult to feel a cut or sore on the bottom of your
foot. Can you still show of your toes without taking
a toll on your tootsies? Here’s how to go easy on
your feet this spring and summer.
Fight the Flip-Flop Urge
Avoid thong sandals, which can cause pressure
points. And never go barefoot, because that makes
it easier to cut your feet. Cuts may heal slower in
people with diabetes because their body doesn’t
fght infection as well.
Instead, choose well-ftting shoes and socks. The
socks help prevent blisters. But make sure they’re
not too tight below your knees, because this can
restrict blood fow.
Pamper with a Home Pedicure
Wash your feet daily in warm water, but don’t soak
them. Dry them thoroughly afterward with a soft
towel, getting between the toes. If the skin is dry,
apply lotion to prevent cracking. But don’t put lotion
between your toes. The extra moisture may lead to
After you take a bath or shower, when your toenails
and skin are softer, treat your feet. Trim the nails
straight across without cutting them too short. Use
an emery board to smooth any sharp edges. Gently
rub corns or calluses with a pumice stone. Don’t try
to cut these away with a sharp tool, such as a razor.
Stave Of Sweat
Heat can make your feet sweat, and that sweat may
combine with bacteria to cause stinky feet. Changing
your socks in the middle of the day can prevent this.
You can also try applying a foot powder or
antiperspirant to your feet.
Check Your Feet Daily
Get a
foot care guide with easy-to-follow
directions and pictures. Log in at,
click the
My Health & Wellness
tab. Select
Disease Management
in the right-hand column,
then choose
from the column on the left.