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Healthy Lifestyles
It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with the day-to-
day management of a health condition. You’ll have
good and bad days. But it’s not normal to be upset
or have feelings of sadness that won’t go away.
You could be dealing with depression. Depression
is a serious issue linked to heart disease and other
conditions. It can also make it hard to follow your
treatment plan or just get through the day.
Depression has many symptoms besides feelings
of sadness. HAP has a program that can help you
know if you have depression and help you fnd
treatment. In most cases, medication and therapy
can ofer relief.
Battling the Blues
Meditation means stopping everyday thoughts
and acts to focus on just one thought or act.
Regular meditation can:
Help you to feel better
Ease anxiety
Relieve pain
It takes just a few weeks of practice to learn how
to do it.
Try this simple meditation for 15 minutes:
Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet fat
on the foor and your arms supported on
armrests or a pillow on your lap. Keep your
back straight but not stif.
Find the place in your body where you can
best feel your breathing. That place may be
your nose, your chest or your belly.
Bring your attention to that place. Then
begin to notice your in-breath and your
As you concentrate, keep letting your
breathing simply happen.
Follow each breath, noticing how it feels
when you breathe in and breathe out. Notice
the beginning, middle and end of each breath.
You will notice your mind wandering. When
that happens, gently bring your attention
back to your breathing.
If you prefer, focus your attention on a mental
picture, a word or prayer, or a sound each
time you take a breath. You can do this
instead of just focusing on your breath.
Meditate for Health
(800) 288-2902
to fnd out about
screenings for depression and to learn ways
to fght it.
Practiced regularly, meditation can
improve mood and decrease stress.