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Health Chronicle
Health and Wellness Information
In This Issue…
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Page 3 Healthy Lifestyles
Meditate for Health
Battling the Blues
Page 4 Diabetes Spotlight
Stay Stylish Through Summer
with Happy, Healthy Feet
Check Your Feet Daily
Page 5 Healthy Actions
Are You Due for a Health
Take a Pass on
HAP’s Disease Management Program has registered Nurse Health Coaches, as well as behavioral health specialists
and pharmacists, who will help you sort out any questions or problems you may be having with your health. Give us
a call toll-free at (800) 288-2902. Or if you’d like more information or tools for any of the conditions we discuss in this
newsletter, our Web site
is a great reference that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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Health Chronicle
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Nancy Ruhl, R.N., M.S.A.,
Richard Precord, M.S.W., Bala Pai, M.D., Pat Slone, R.N., C.C.M.,
Deborah Marine, J.D.
Marketing Staf:
Anita Landino, Director,
Meribeth Tyszkiewicz, Senior Marketing Specialist
Page 6 heart Health
Please Hold the Salt
Page 7 Asthma Care
How to Survive Spring
Allergy Season
Watch for Spring Storms
Page 8 Ask a Nurse Health Coach
Tips for Staying on Track
with Medications
Ask a Nurse
Health Coach
Page 8