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way. Make sure you understand directions before leaving your doctor’s ofce. Don’t be shy about asking questions if something is unclear. You can also repeat instructions back to your doctor to make sure you have them right. If directions on the medication label are confusing, ask your pharmacist or a Nurse Health Coach to explain them.

Roadblock: Side Efects

How to move past it: You may want to quit taking a medication because you think it’s not working or it made you feel worse. If that happens to you, don’t quit taking your medication until you talk with your doctor. Explain your symptoms. Your doctor might be able to adjust your treatment plan or suggest a new medication that may work well without side efects.


How can I follow my medication instructions better?


You’re not alone if you’re struggling to follow your medication instructions. It’s a problem for many people – even those without health conditions. A study from the

New England Journal of Medicine suggests common reasons why we have trouble. You’d be surprised how simple some are to avoid.

Roadblock: Can’t Remember

How to move past it: Try out diferent tools to help you remember when to take your medication. One high-tech option is to use your computer to send yourself an e-mail reminder. Or set your cell phone alarm to go of when it’s time to take your medication. Reminder notes also work. Post reminders in your calendar or on the fridge or bathroom mirror. A simple plastic pillbox, flled with the week’s medications, can also help you keep track of doses.

Roadblock: Confusing Directions

How to move past it: Medication directions are sometimes hard to understand. If you’re confused about any instruction, you could end up taking your medication the wrong

Ask a Nurse Health Coach

Use HAP’s home-delivery pharmacy service to have important prescriptions delivered to your front door by Pharmacy Advantage. To enroll or learn more, log in at and click on the My

Prescription Coverage tab. Then select

Home-Delivery Pharmacy Service from the list on the right.

Page 8 - issue1_11

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