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How can I follow my plan?
It isn’t always easy following a heart failure
treatment plan. It can take some time to learn
how to make the lifestyle changes you need.
Ask your doctor or nurse for advice on how to
get started. And get your family and friends
involved in helping you too.
If you have trouble following certain steps in
the plan, think about actions that can help. If
you often forget to take your medication, a
weekly pillbox may help you remember. If it’s
hard to squeeze in exercise, create a routine
such as taking a walk each night after dinner.
Why should I follow a heart failure
treatment plan?
Following your plan allows you to feel your
best each day. It can help prevent your
condition from getting worse. And it can
keep you out of the hospital by alerting you
to symptoms before they become serious.
Your plan is an important tool to help you
take charge of your health.
What is a heart failure treatment
A heart failure treatment plan is a step-by-
step guide to help you manage your heart
failure. It is created by your doctor or nurse
to help you live life to the fullest.
How can I follow my plan?
A treatment plan explains the steps you need
to take to control your heart failure. It may
also ask you to record important information
such as your daily weight or any changes in
symptoms. Topics covered in a treatment
plan include:
Taking your medications as directed
Weighing yourself every day to see if
you are retaining fuid
Eating the right foods
Avoiding too much alcohol
Making lifestyle changes, like increasing
physical activity* and quitting smoking
Paying attention to symptoms
Ask a Nurse Health Coach
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