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Insulin Safety Tips
If you need to inject insulin to manage your diabetes, take care of
your insulin properly. Ask your pharmacist how to safely store and
use your insulin medications. Keep in mind these general tips from
the American Diabetes Association:
Store insulin safely. Keep your extra bottles in the refrigerator,
away from very hot or very cold temperatures. Never store
insulin in the freezer or in direct sunlight.
In general, after you open a bottle, don’t keep it for more than
28 days. The cartridges of some insulin pens may need to be
discarded after as few as 10 days at room temperature.
Before you open a new bottle, check the date that is printed
on it. Do not use the insulin if it is past its expiration date.
The fu vaccine helps prevent the fu and lessens your
symptoms if you do get it. The CDC recommends that
everyone ages 6 months and older get a fu shot.
Also, anyone older than age 65 should get a one time
pneumonia vaccine. People with diabetes and certain chronic
conditions should also get the vaccine. It protects against a
bacteria that can cause pneumonia.
Get Your Flu Shot This Fall
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