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doing well. In the yellow zone, your
symptoms are getting worse and may require
treatment, like quick-relief medication. In the
red zone, your symptoms are at their worst
and you should go to your doctor or the
emergency room right away.
How can an asthma action plan help
Even with your regular treatment, you can
still have asthma attacks. But the more you
know about your asthma, the more you can
do to protect yourself.
You need to monitor your symptoms each
and every day. You also need to avoid asthma
triggers. Your asthma action plan helps you
do this. After all, if you can recognize when
your symptoms are worsening, you can take
steps to avoid a full-blown asthma attack. And
this can save your life.
You know that managing your asthma is
important to your health. And an asthma action
plan can help you stay on top of your symptoms
and prevent serious complications. Research has
linked the asthma action plan to a decrease in
emergency department visits and fewer
What is an asthma action plan?
An asthma action plan is a set of written
instructions. It helps you keep track of your
symptoms. These instructions help you
recognize when your symptoms get worse
and how to treat them. The plan also lists
ways to control your asthma triggers, or
things that make your symptoms worse.
What does my asthma action plan
tell me about my symptoms?
An asthma action plan is divided into three
sections. It lists the symptoms and actions
you should take in each zone. The three
zones of the plan are like a stop light. There
is a green, yellow and red zone.
In the green zone, you are symptom-free and
Ask a Nurse Health Coach
To download a
FREE Asthma Action Plan,
log in at
and click the
My Health &
tab. From the right-hand column
Disease Management,
then select