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Introducing the Health Buddy
Monitor Your Heart
Failure Symptoms
HAP’s CareTrack
program has
developed a new tracking tool
that is an easy-to-use resource
that can help you monitor
your heart failure symptoms.
If you would like a copy, just
call us toll-free at
(800) 288-2902
or email us at
Protect Yourself from the Flu
& Pneumonia this Fall
When you have heart failure, there’s a
greater chance that getting the flu could
cause other health problems. Getting a
flu shot every year is the best way to keep
the virus away. The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention recommends that
everyone ages 6 months and older get a
flu shot.
Also, anyone older than age 65 should
get a one-time pneumonia vaccine.
People with heart failure and certain
chronic conditions should also get the
pneumonia vaccine.
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Are you looking to manage your heart failure?
Fitting more walking into your daily routine is
one of the best things you can do to improve
your health. HAP’s
Walk for Better Health
program is a 12-week program that can help
you reach your activity goals.
To learn more about
Walk for Better Health
call us toll-free at
(800) 288-2902
or email us at
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Walk for Better Health
When you have a chronic condition like heart failure,
a lot can happen in the days between your doctor
visits. Now, HAP’s CareTrack
program offers use of
the Health Buddy® system. With this tool, your
health care team can check up on you every day.
The easy-to-use “buddy” device can be used from the
comfort of your own home. Every day, you answer a
series of simple questions about your health status.
Then the information is sent directly to your HAP
Health Buddy® specialist.
To learn more about the Health
system call the
HAP CareTrack
toll-free at