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Fall 2012
Volume 8, Issue 2
Health Chronicle
With the right support, members with diabetes and
high blood pressure can lower their health care costs
and enjoy a better quality of life.
At age 61, Joseph Biggers was stunned to learn that
he had diabetes and high blood pressure.
A former Ford Motor Company welder and Vietnam
War veteran, Joseph welcomed retirement as a chance
to sit back and take a break. But his inactive retirement
lifestyle quickly began to take a toll on his health.
“Sitting down was hurting me,” Joseph realized. He
knew it was time to get his health back on track.
Joseph received a call from Joyce Benson, R.N., a
Nurse Health Coach from HAP’s CareTrack
program. She offered free support to help him
achieve his health goals.
Joyce offered him telephone coaching and the use of
the Health Buddy® system. This in-home device
prompts Joseph to input his weight, blood pressure
and glucose levels every day. The results are
reported to his Health Buddy® specialist at HAP,
Yvonne Flowers, R.N. She reviews the results daily
and lets Joyce know of any high-risk warnings.
“I need all the help I can get,” says Joseph. “I’m
human. Without a coach, I just might slip. It’s good
to know someone cares about me and wants me to
succeed in my goals.”
Since participating in CareTrack
, Joseph has lost
weight and maintained healthy blood sugar and
blood pressure levels.
How CareTrack
Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
Introducing the Health Buddy
When you have diabetes, a lot can happen
in the days between your doctor visits. Now,
HAP’s CareTrack
program offers use of the
Health Buddy® system. With this tool, your
health care team can check up on you every
day from the comfort of your own home.
To learn more about the HAP CareTrack
program or how you can use the Health
Buddy® system, call us toll-free at
or email us at
Joseph Biggers got healthier with the help of his
HAP Nurse Health Coach and the Health Buddy®.