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With your doctor at every appointment: Have your blood pressure checked.
Review all your medications, including over-the-counter medications. Also, if
you smoke, ask your doctor about quit-smoking tools and treatment options.
Receive a flu shot every year. A pneumonia shot is recommended for those with
chronic conditions and for anyone older than age 65. Discuss with your doctor.
Have a physical exam once a year.
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Tips to Keep Your Condition in Check
Eating right and
exercising regularly are
important steps to
better health. But there
are other actions you
can take to manage
your condition so you
stay healthy longer.
Here’s what you can do.
Three Must-Take Steps
If you have ASTHMA:
If you have
Ask your doctor about when and how often
to use your peak-flow meter.
Review and update your Asthma Action Plan
with your doctor at every visit.
A spirometry test should be repeated at least once a
year to measure your lung function.
Review and update your COPD Action Plan with your
doctor at every visit.
Have an LDL cholesterol test every year
(or more often if elevated) with a goal of
lower than 100 mg/dl.
Review and update your CAD Action Plan
with your doctor at every visit.
Check your weight daily at home and every time you
visit your doctor.
Review and update your Heart Failure Action Plan with
your doctor at every visit.
If you have DIABETES:
Every 3 to 6 months have a hemoglobin A1c test (3-month sugar average) with a goal lower than 7 to 8 percent.
Once a year have:
An LDL cholesterol test with a goal of lower than 100 mg/dl (more often if elevated)
Kidney function tests that check microalbumin, serum creatinine and GFR (more often if indicated by
your doctor)
A dilated retinal eye exam
A foot exam by your doctor
Have your height and weight checked every time you visit your doctor.
Ask your doctor how often you should take aspirin and other medications for cholesterol, blood sugar
and blood pressure.
See your dentist for a teeth cleaning every six months.
HAP Nurse Health Coaching and self-management courses are available
for members with the conditions in the chart below. Call us toll-free at
(800) 288-2902
for details.