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Today, there are a lot of ways technology can help
you lead a healthy life. Many websites and mobile
phone apps offer free health and fitness programs.
They can help you to easily keep track of important
items – from exercise routines to medications.
Before beginning any new exercise program, you
should speak to your doctor first.
Med Minder
(Android app)
This free app helps you keep
track of your medicine
schedules. It provides
reminder alerts for when you
should take a dose. It also
keeps track of medication
details and reminds you when
you need a prescription refill.
DailyBurn Tracker
(iPhone and Android app)
Create a personal exercise plan
based on goals like weight loss
or longer workouts with this
free app. Once you start
exercising, use charts to track
your progress and see if you
need to change your routine.
Use Technology to Improve Your Health
MyFitnessPal Calorie
Counter and Diet Tracker
(website, iPhone and
Android app)
Keep track of the foods you
eat with this free app.
MyFitnessPal will help you
keep track of the calories and
nutrients you eat. It also
tracks calories you burn
during exercise.
Depression is something you need to treat,
especially if you are trying to manage a chronic
condition. Left untreated, depression has the
power to actually make your health worse.
Depression can make you feel sad, anxious and
less happy about things you once enjoyed. It can
also make you feel other symptoms like
unexplained pain or trouble sleeping.
But depression symptoms can be different for men
and women. Men may be less likely than women to
admit they feel sad. Instead, they may say they feel
tired, angry and stressed out. This makes it harder to
spot in men. Some men may turn to drugs, alcohol
or other risky behaviors to deal with how they feel.
If any of these symptoms sound familiar, talk with
a health care professional. HAP’s Coordinated
Behavioral Health Management is available to
consult with you Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.
to 5 p.m. Call toll-free at
(800) 444-5755.
Depression: Different for Men and Women