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Learning to live with a chronic condition is an
ongoing process and you’re bound to be
overwhelmed with information and instructions.
However, everyone’s health care needs are
different and what works for someone else may
not work for you. This is why it’s important to take
charge of your own health. HAP, your doctor and
your loved ones all make up your health care
team, but it’s important to remember that you’re
still the head coach.
To effectively self-manage your condition:
Talk with your doctor.
You and your doctor
should be partners in care. Find out what
questions you should ask at every visit on
page 5.
Stay up-to-date with your screenings.
Don’t wait until you’re sick to go to the
doctor. Staying up-to-date with your
recommended screenings and lab tests
can prevent you from developing new
problems. Use the chart on
page 8
see what tests you may be due for.
Take your medications properly.
your medicine as directed is one of the
most important steps in managing your
chronic condition. Find out if you’re taking
your medications correctly with our quiz
page 6.
Establish a nutrition plan.
A healthy diet
doesn’t have to be complicated and
expensive. Find out how to create a
healthy, affordable meal plan of foods
you’ll love on
page 5.
Find support.
You may be the one
responsible for your actions, but you can
still find support from others to keep you
motivated. HAP’s CareTrack
offers many tools and resources to help you
stay in control of your health. Learn more
about the program on
page 4.
The path to better health with a chronic condition
is a lifelong journey. With self-motivation and
some encouragement from HAP, you can navigate
it a little easier.
Your Health Starts With You
HAP’s CareTrack
program offers tools
and resources to help you stay in control
of your health. Visit
for action plans, checklists and links to
other helpful sources.
Know Your New Medicine
If your doctor suggests a new prescription,
make sure to ask exactly how and when to
take the medication.