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Men & Nutrition

Your body needs fuel for exercise and physical activity, and that fuel comes from food. Eating the right combination of nutrients from a balanced diet helps build muscle and energy.

Staying hydrated is also a part of good general health, and also helps with weight management. Frequently hunger impulses may be thirst impulses in disguise.

Do you speculate how much a serving is when trying to follow the guidelines of the food pyramid? Below is a chart of serving sizes for each food group.

Bread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta (At least half should come from whole grains) Vegetables Fruits Meats, Poultry, Fish, Beans and Eggs Milk, Yogurt and Cheese
<1/2 cup cooked brown rice or whole wheat pasta (size of a cupcake wrapper) 1 cup salad greens (size of a baseball) 1/2 cup grapes (size of a light bulb) 2 Tablespoons peanut butter (size of a ping pong ball) 1.5 ounces of natural cheese (size of a 9-volt battery)
1 pancake (size of a CD) 1 baked potato (size of a baseball) 1/2 cup fresh fruit (size of 7 cotton balls) 1 ounce nuts (size of one handful) 2 ounces of artificial cheese (size of four dice)
1 piece of cornbread (size of a bar of soap) 3/4 cup vegetable juice (size of a small Styrofoam cup) 1 medium size fruit (size of a tennis ball) 3 ounces of grilled/baked fish (size of a check book) 1 cup skim milk (8 fluid ounces size of 2/3 of a soda pop can)
1 slice of whole wheat bread (size of a CD case) 1/2 cup cooked broccoli (size of a light bulb) 1 cup of cut up fruit- 2 servings (size of tennis ball) 3 ounces cooked chicken (size of a single chicken thigh, leg or breast) 1 cup low-fat or fat-free yogurt (size of single serving package)
1 cup of cold cereal (size of a baseball) 1/2 cup serving = 6 asparagus spears, 7 or 8 baby carrots or carrot sticks, 1 ear of corn on the cob 1/4 cup of dried fruit (size of a large egg) 3 ounces cooked meat, poultry or fish (size of a deck of cards)

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