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Men & Cancer

Knowing about cancer and how it can be prevented or detected early is the first step in decreasing your risk of dying from this disease. Lifestyle is a very important contributing factor to your individual risk; genetics or family history and ethnicity can also influence risk. The types that most frequently affect men are skin, prostate, lung and colon cancers.

HAP is committed to providing evidenced-based screening recommendations, for our members.

Risk Factors:

  • Lung Cancer
    • Smoking or chewing tobacco products
    • Smoking marijuana
    • Secondhand smoke
    • Exposure to: asbestos, radon, uranium, arsenic or vinyl chloride
  • Skin Cancer:
    • Sunbathing or participating in outdoor sports without sunscreen
    • Using tanning beds
    • Fair skin, blonde or red hair
    • Having a lot of moles
    • Family history
  • Colorectal Cancer:
    • Family History
    • Intestinal polyps
    • Over 50 years of age
    • Eating a lot of red meat or lunchmeat
    • Sedentary lifestyle
    • Overweight or Obese
    • Using tobacco
    • Daily alcohol consumption of >2 drinks per day
  • Prostate Cancer:
    • Over age 50
    • African American
    • Consume a lot of saturated fat foods
    • Overweight
    • Family History
  • Testicular Cancer:
    • There is no conclusive evidence detailing a specific set of risk factors for this rare cancer. More Information Link Opens in a New Window


We hear a lot of promotion for support groups regarding women’s cancers, you may be surprised to know there are several for men too. Locally, Gilda’s club of Metro Detroit has a special “men only” support group. Contact them at (248) 577-0800 for more information.

Their "I Can Cope Link Opens in a New Window" program offers reliable information, peer support and coping help to patients and their families.

The American Institute for Cancer Research Link Opens in a New Window offers research-based nutritional guidelines for survivors.

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