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Personal Health Record

Did you know that, in most cases, a complete record of all of your personal health information cannot be found in any single location or consistent format?

Each one of your healthcare providers (family practitioner, allergist, OB-GYN, etc.) compiles a separate medical record on you. These multiple medical records can lead to an incomplete story about your health.

Take a more active role in your healthcare
Keeping your own personal health record (PHR) allows you to provide doctors with valuable information that can help improve the quality of care you receive. A PHR can help reduce or eliminate duplicate tests and allow you to receive faster, safer treatment and care in an emergency.

Resources for Creating a Personal Health Record

WebMD Health Manager Link Opens in a New Window
An online health record that allows you to store, manage and maintain all of your health information in a centralized location. A free service from WebMD.

iHealthRecord Link Opens in a New Window
iHealthRecord is a secure and confidential interactive record that allows you to store, update and share health information with your physician or in an emergency situation. A free service from MedFusion.

Terms of Use
The links above are provided for informational purposes only. Any medical information made available through external Web sites has not been prepared, reviewed or verified by Health Alliance Plan and therefore, Health Alliance Plan makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee that any such information is complete, accurate, current or otherwise suitable for any individual needs. Please verify all medical information that you receive with a qualified medical professional.

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