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2 HAP Cares About the Community
3 We’d Love to See You at Our Next Wellness Event
3 A Visit to the Library Is Just a Click Away
His & Hers
6 Aging Answers: What to Expect
10 Try These Exercises for Upper-Body Strength
7 Go Fish
7 Picture the Perfect Plate
4 Feeling Better Than Ever
8 Take This to Heart: A Brighter Outlook for
Cardiac Patients
12 Don’t Skimp on Sunglasses
5 Moving Onward
11 Do You Need Long-Term Care Insurance?
11 Life Insurance After 55 – Is It Necessary?
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LiveWell: Mid-Life
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HAP Cares About the Community
Health Alliance Plan cares about the health and
well-being of Michigan residents. That’s why we offer
wellness programs throughout the community.
Signature events include free community water
Enhance Fitness
classes and
Ready, Set,
classes for kids.
The community support doesn’t stop there. HAP
employees get in the act by helping area nonprofits
such as
Big Brothers Big Sisters
, the
Coalition on
Temporary Shelter (COTS)
Common Ground
, just to name a few. Employees participate
in walks, bowl-a-thons and fundraisers. In 2011, our
employees donated more than 2,400 hours of their
time to community causes. They also raised more than
$75,000 for organizations like the
American Heart
March of Dimes
Giving back is part of HAP’s culture. It’s another way
we strive to create a healthy community.
LiveWell: HAP
If you didn’t make it to HAP’s
DIY Men’s Health Workshop
on June
19 at the Burton Manor in Livonia, you missed a great experience.
Nearly 200 attendees had a blast discovering tips and strategies to
build a healthier lifestyle.
Here’s a quick recap:
Guys had the chance to talk with Detroit Red Wings radio
announcer Ken Kal!
Nurses offered free blood pressure screenings and body mass
index calculations.
Experts from Henry Ford Health System’s Division of Sports
Medicine analyzed golf swings and gave tips on how to
maintain proper form and prevent injury.
Dr. Joel Kahn from DMC and Dr. Muzzamil Ahmed from
Oakwood led talks on issues like heart and prostate health.
Chef Jeremy Abbey demonstrated the “thrill of the grill” by
barbecuing healthy, flavorful flank steak and chicken recipes.
Massage therapists offered relaxing chair massages.
HAP regularly offers wellness events throughout the year for
members. Check your mailbox for an invitation to an upcoming
event in your area.
How many calories did I burn taking the stairs instead
of the elevator? What questions should I ask my doctor
about my back pain? What are the pros and cons of
taking antibiotics?
With the click of a mouse, you can find answers to these
and many more medical- and health-related questions
by using HAP’s online Health Library. With this
comprehensive and reliable online resource, you can:
A Visit to the Library Is Just a Click Away
Browse health topics from A to Z
Use interactive tools to help make smart health
care decisions
Check for potential health issues by using an
interactive symptom checker
Find a local support group
Learn more about medications
Get details on specific medical tests
Learn how to reduce costs and get the best care
To access the library, log in at
, choose the
Health & Wellness
tab, select
Tools and Resources
, then
Health Library
Ken Kal signed Red Wings memorabilia and
discussed the latest team news.
We’d Love to See
You at Our Next
Wellness Event