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In This Issue...
2 Your Health Care Partner for 2012
3 We’ve Gone Mobile
3 Get FREE Member Discounts!
4 Embarking on a New Journey
5 Coping with Caregiving
7 Partners in Health – Partners in Wealth
His & Hers
6 Don’t Be Shy about Prostate Health
6 Calcium: Your Best Source for Strong Bones
8 Strong to the Core
9 Self-Care for Sore Backs
11 Alcohol and Your Health
12 Cut Your Prescription Costs
10 Don’t Be Fooled – Shop Smart for Groceries
11 Recipe: Slow-Cooker Gypsy Stew
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your health care needs. HAP does not discriminate on the basis of race,
color, national origin, age, religion, sex or mental or physical disability
in its employment practices or in the provision of health care services.
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A Resource for Healthy Living
LiveWell: Mid-Life
Editorial Staff
, Erin Younan
Marketing Staff
, Anita Landino
Senior Marketing Specialist
Meribeth Tyszkiewicz
On the cover:
Lois Brown-Nelson,
HAP member
Southfield Public Library
Photo by:
John Sobczak
Your Health Care Partner for 2012
Welcome to the first issue of
LiveWell: Mid-Life
for 2012!
Throughout the year, we’ll pack each issue with inspiring
member stories, wellness tips, exercise moves and more to
help you look and feel your best. And be sure to keep an
eye on your mailbox for invitations to special wellness
events in your area.
Thanks to everyone who responded to our fall issue reader
survey. Your feedback will help make the magazine even
better. Here are some of your great ideas:
Include more articles and tips on healthy eating
and nutrition; and include more recipes.
Continue to share real member stories.
Ninety percent of readers said that the healthy
lifestyle information received in the
program has had a positive impact on
their overall satisfaction with HAP.
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