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It seems everyone wants your money, doesn’t it? Protect
yourself from fnancial scams and scandals with these
simple tips:
Completely check out anyone giving you fnancial
planning or investment help before you give them
Check your credit report at least once a year and
report any errors.
Never give personal facts such as bank account or
Social Security numbers to someone you don’t know.
Enroll your phone numbers on the “do not call” list.
Never respond to unsolicited emails or verify bank,
credit card or PayPal™ account information online.
Contact your bank directly.
Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
LiveWell: Advice
Let’s face it: Most of us put of things we don’t
want to do. After all, there’s always tomorrow.
That’s not always the case, especially when it
comes to planning your future medical care.
Although it’s not pleasant to think about, your
family needs to know your wishes should you
become unable to speak for yourself because of
an accident, stroke or major illness.
Take time now to put your wishes in writing,
beginning with these documents — called
“advance directives” — that take efect only if
you are unable to communicate your decisions:
living will
detailing your preferred
medical treatments.
health care power of attorney
delegating someone to make health
care decisions for you.
letter of instruction
outlining funeral
plans, people to contact or other
special requests.
You don’t have to do this yourself. Work with
your attorney, or visit the Michigan Bar
Association website at
to learn more and
to download free health care power of attorney
and living will forms.
Afterward, explain your decisions to your
family. Give them a copy of the documents, and
ask your doctor to place one in your medical
Then, remember to review the documents
every few years, in case you need to make
Legal Documents
You Need Now
For more ideas from the nonproft National
Endowment for Financial Education, visit
Put a Lock on
Your Money