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LiveWell: Advice
What Retirement?
Nancy Campbell retired several years ago, but that doesn’t
mean she’s stopped working. In fact, this HAP member is
still trying to fgure out what to do when she grows up.
“I’ve been asking myself that question since retiring from
IBM after 30 years in 1999,” laughs Nancy. “Now, even
with a few aches and pains, I fnd myself in the best time
of my life.”
It’s a great outlook for this 62-year-old retiree, and it’s
driven her toward not one but two dream jobs: bookkeeper
for her church and also for the Flint Farmers’ Market.
Sound like work to you? Not to Nancy.
“What a hoot! I can do my grocery shopping right there at
the market, and I bring home wonderfully fresh, healthy
food almost every day.”
Helping nonproft organizations is especially rewarding for
someone who worked for a large company for so long. “It’s
something I’ve always dreamed of doing. I’m fnally at the
point in my life where I can do something I love and make a
Working after retirement takes discipline, she concedes. Her
day begins and ends with a half-hour of stretching and
walking. “It’s a little bit, but it’s keeping me active.”
Now Nancy has one more goal. “My mother didn’t retire
until she was 71 years old,” she smiles. “I want to beat that
record. She would be proud!”
And what does Nancy suggest for everyone else? “If you fnd
yourself stuck, just ask yourself what you want to be when
you grow up. You might be surprised at your own answer.”
Nancy’s 7 Tips for a Fresh Start
Assess yourself. What skills do you have?
How can you use them after retirement to
work, volunteer or start a new business?
Research what you want to do and how to
get there. For example, connect with an
old colleague, friend or neighbor. You
never know who or what might lead you in
the right direction.
Volunteer to gain experience in new areas.
Be proactive about your health. Don’t wait
another day.
Learn to manage your time and stress.
Know your limitations, but don’t stop
pushing yourself.
Whatever you do, make sure it’s something
you enjoy.