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LiveWell: HAP
HAP Turns 50!
Fifty years ago, a new kind of health plan — one focused
on health maintenance through preventive care — was
born right here in Michigan. During 2011, our employees,
customers, members and community partners have helped
commemorate HAP’s fve decades of enhancing health
and well-being.
We thank you for choosing HAP as your health care partner.
Planning a trip to Memphis, Maui or even
Madagascar? Go with confdence knowing that you
not only have your HAP coverage, but you also now
have Assist America
global emergency services! At
no cost to you, Assist America
brings you value-
added services and support while traveling 100 miles
or more away from home, even if it’s to another
country. It completely arranges and pays for the
services that it provides without limits on the cost.
HAP is the only Michigan-based health plan to ofer
Assist America
. One phone call connects you with its
many resources, including medical monitoring and
emergency medical evacuation — even help with
lost luggage, lost documents, pre-trip information
and much more. Assist America’s
coordinators are available 24 hours a day.
Assist America
is not medical insurance and does
not replace your HAP plan benefts for medical
emergencies, but it’s good to know that you have
extra help when you need it most. It’s our way of
passing more value and greater savings on to you.
Learn more about this valuable service. Visit\hap
HAP Introduces Assist America
Global Emergency Services
Proud of our past. Prepared for the future.