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In This Issue.
3 HAP Introduces Assist America
Global Emergency
3 HAP Turns 50!
4 What Retirement?
9 Put a Lock on Your Money
9 Legal Documents You Need Now
His & Hers
6 Hunters Beware
6 Planning the Not-So-Perfect Holiday
5 Sleep on This: A Full Night’s Rest Protects
Your Heart
7 Taking Control of Cancer
8 From Soup to Nuts: Create Your Own Home Gym
10 Living High on Low Cholesterol
10 Leftovers You’ll Be Thankful For
11 The Skinny on Fats
12 Fabulous Fall Super Foods
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or opinions of HAP, its ofcers or board of directors. The information is
for general educational purposes and is not a substitute for the advice of
your physician. You should consult your HAP personal care physician for
your health care needs. HAP does not discriminate on the basis of race,
color, national origin, age, religion, sex or mental or physical disability
in its employment practices or in the provision of health care services.
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A Resource for Healthy Living
LiveWell: Mid-Life
Editorial Staf
, Erin Younan
Marketing Staf
, Anita Landino
Senior Marketing Specialist
Meribeth Tyszkiewicz
On the cover:
Nancy Campbell, HAP
Location: Flint Farmer’s
Photo by: John Sobczak
What’s on Your Mind?
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to hear yours. That’s why this edition of
includes a survey asking for your feedback.
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