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LiveWell: Health
Bernice Malinowski, UAW Retiree, knew her cholesterol was high, but she
didn’t realize it was of the charts until a scheduled physical. The results
shocked even her.
“They told me it was 285, and I couldn’t believe it (normal is less than 200),”
she recalls. So she embraced lifestyle changes that lowered her cholesterol to
184 in just 20 months.
Bernice gives credit to two sources. “My faith kept me going, so I thank Jesus
for my health. And Zonya Foco, R.D. inspired me at the HAP Weight Wise
program. She gave me the tools to make it all work.”
Bernice drinks water every morning and has added healthy foods like salmon,
blueberries, beans and almonds to her diet. Fruits and vegetables now go
along with every meal, as well as fresh produce and herbs from her garden.
She’s also removed foods containing trans fats from her diet, such as cookies
and baked goods.
“I had to do something to get my cholesterol down, and the eight lifestyle
habits were just the thing,” says Bernice. “I feel these changes saved my life.”
Living High on Low Cholesterol
With Thanksgiving around
the corner, Chef Paul
Penney ofers tasty ideas
for handling leftovers.
Sliced turkey and black
beans with a sprinkle of
low-fat cheese, wrapped
in a whole-wheat tortilla
or pita makes a delicious
burrito. “It’s easy to make,
and you’re getting both
protein and fber. In one-third of a cup of black beans,
you get about seven grams of fber,” notes Chef Paul.
Bake a quiche with the leftover stufng as the crust;
Zonya’s Eight Lifestyle Habits
1. Drink water.
2. Include breakfast; stop eating two
to three hours before bedtime.
3. Eat often and include fruits and
vegetables each time.
4. Tame your sweet tooth and
naturally eat as little sugar as
5. Find the fat, and know the good
and bad types.
6. Replace processed foods with
wholesome, and shop natural,
close to the farm.
7. Eat until no longer hungry.
8. Exercise every day.
Leftovers You’ll Be Thankful For
using just a small amount on the bottom for a healthier
meal. Make a healthy soup using the turkey wings and
drumsticks and loads of vegetables.
“The wings and drumsticks have a lot of favor because
they’re dark meat. If you use this fattier part of the
turkey in a soup, you will get the favor but not as much
of the fat,” he says. “Instead of eating them at the table,
save to make turkey stock for soup,” suggests Chef Paul.
Leftovers don’t need more salt, he adds. “If you’re
reusing something like green beans or stufng, add
fresh lime, lemon or orange
juice. That will lift the
favor so you don’t
need to add salt.”
Watch for your invitation to Weight Wise
for Couples in 2012.