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Do you have stories to share about an exciting second
career, a new hobby or a travel adventure? Share your
experiences with us, and you could be featured in an
upcoming edition of the
LiveWell: Mid-Life
Just send an e-mail to
, and tell us
why you decided to change careers, start an interesting
hobby or take a fascinating trip. When you write, give us
some details, such as:
What inspired you
How you got started
How it changed your life
How your story could inspire others
How long you’ve been a HAP member
Be the Star of Our Next Issue!
LiveWell: Health
Smoking is perhaps the hardest habit you’ll break in life.
And if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes,
quitting is even more important because the risk of
serious complications is higher if you smoke. You need
all the help you can get.
How about a coach?
Meet Nurse Health Coach Michele Weidel, from HAP’s
Disease Management program who, every day, helps
members quit the habit that has held them for years.
Sometimes even decades.
“We speak with members who have tried to quit using
the patches, drugs, anything and everything you can
imagine,” she says. “Finally, they call HAP and ask for
help. And that’s why we’re here.”
HAP’s team of nurse health coaches can develop a
personal plan for each member, suggesting proven
smoking cessation techniques such as, drinking more
Helping Members Breathe Easier
water, eating healthy, using breathing techniques to
relieve stress and taking long walks instead of smoking.
Perhaps most important is the one-on-one phone
support. “We’re just a call away, a voice of
encouragement, and sometimes that’s what really
makes the diference,” says Michele.
“Our phone health coaching helps HAP members
manage hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, even
coronary artery disease,” says Pat Slone, R.N., manager,
Clinical Care Management. “We develop a personal
relationship with members to help them better manage
their own health through prevention and education.”
Are you ready?
For more details, contact HAP’s Disease Management
Program toll-free at
(800) 288-2902
or send an e-mail to
to request additional
Be sure to include your full name, age and HAP I.D.
number, as well as your phone number. We won’t share
your personal information with anyone else –
but with your permission, we just might
share your story in our magazine!
You can also
mail your
story to:
HAP LiveWell:
2850 W. Grand Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48202