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In This Issue.
3 Be the Star of Our Next Issue!
3 Helping Members Breathe Easier
5 The Good News about Depression
7 The Lowdown on High Blood Pressure
8 Hitting the Greens Too Fast Could Mean
the Blues
4 Reflling Your Empty Nest
6 Need an Appointment? HAP Can Help!
9 The Art of Coupon Clicking
9 Don’t Use Your 401(k) Like an ATM
His and Hers
6 Finding Just the Right Words
10 Recipe: Grilled Chicken with Strawberry
and Pineapple Salsa
10 Season without the Salt
11 Pop Quiz: Test Your Restaurant IQ
12 Get Fresh
The information in this publication does not change or replace the information in your HAP Subscriber Contract, Group Health Insurance Policy,
Riders or Handbooks and does not necessarily refect the policies or opinions of HAP, its ofcers or board of directors. The information is for
general educational purposes and is not a substitute for the advice of your physician. You should consult your HAP personal care physician for
your health care needs. HAP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex or mental or physical disability in
its employment practices or in the provision of health care services.
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A Resource for Healthy Living
LiveWell: Mid-Life
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, Erin Younan
Editorial Advisors,
Tifany Baker, Vernal Brand, Ph.D., Gina Jones, Terri Kachadurian,
Donna M. Nuznof, Bala Pai, M.D., Susan Schwandt, A.P.R.
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, Anita Landino
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, Meribeth Tyszkiewicz
Strive for Success with
At HAP, we want to provide you with tools and resources to
take charge of your health, such as
for better health
our online health improvement program that helps you make
healthy choices and reach your health goals.
Along with the HealthMedia® SUCCEED™ Health Risk
Assessment, there are 11 online health coaching programs to
help you with managing weight, smoking cessation or back
pain – just to name a few.
These programs are confdential and available 24 hours a day.
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, then select the
My Health and Wellness
On the cover: Eric and Christina Scholz
Location: Riverview Highlands, Riverview, MI
Photos by: John Sobczak