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Who says you can’t get a second chance? That’s what
being a grandparent is all about – a chance to make
good on all the mistakes from your frst time around.
Well, that and spoiling the grandkids.
Enjoy some tips for your frst assignment
as grandparent:
1. Support the new parents. (In other words, give
plenty of space and don’t criticize.)
2. Volunteer to babysit. It’s a great way to build a
special bond.
3. Read to your grandchildren. You’ll create lasting
memories while developing their listening and
language skills.
HAP member Susan Featheringill credits her grandson for
her personal makeover.
“He wanted me to climb up on a jungle gym at the
playground with him,” she recalls. “I told him I didn’t think
I could get up there, and that was my frst clue that I needed
to lose some weight.”
This unexpected realization drove her to join Weight
Watchers® using her HAP member discount.
“I went to several classes until I found
one I connected with,” she says. “I saw
someone who was successful and decided
I could be too.”
The newly retired school district ofcial used her life
experience as motivation. Drawing on her administrative
experience, she developed a three-prong plan – drink extra
One HAP Member’s
Personal Makeover
First-Time Grandparent = A Second Chance
water, let her mind (not stomach) decide she was full and
use smaller forks for smaller bites.
“I choose what I want to eat, but I’m not dieting. This is my
new lifestyle,” she says.
Susan’s family can see the diference. “I can move faster and
easier with my grandson, climbing on the jungle gym at the
park and sliding on the slide. It’s the most important thing
I’ve done with my free time so far.”
4. If you’re a long-distance grandparent, you can
create a unique relationship by learning the
latest technology – Facebook, texting, instant
messaging and videoconferencing, such as
5. Pass on generational memories by sharing family
stories, photos, letters and traditions that keep
your family heritage alive. (And don’t be afraid to
start new traditions!)
Remember, you won’t be a perfect grandparent any
more than you could be a perfect parent. But with just
a little time and efort, you can make a tremendous
impact on your grandchild in a way that could afect
future generations.
LiveWell: Mid-Life