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Welcome to the premier edition of
HAP’s new
LiveWell: Mid-Life
At HAP, we love to bring you fresh ideas, fun
stories and information you can use. That’s why
we’ve designed this publication to address the
unique interests of men and women ages 55 to
64. As your health care partner, we’ve packed
LiveWell: Mid-Life
with resources that will ofer
ideas on how to live a healthy, fulflling life now
and plan for the future.
For more information on how to enhance your
health and well-being, visit
and log in.
Then visit
My Health & Wellness
, select
and then click on
HAP LiveWell: Mid-Life
for the latest resources. Also, please keep an eye
out for invitations to our special wellness programs!
Let us know what you think – send an e-mail to
Welcome to
LiveWell: Mid-Life
LiveWell: Mid-Life
Few things can perk up your day like seeing a few
pounds disappear on your scale in the morning – except
maybe a few extra dollars appearing in your wallet!
You’ll get both with HAP, thanks to our partnership with
Weight Watchers® that signifcantly reduces the cost of
a 12-week session. HMO and Alliance plan members pay
only $25 to join, and if they attend at least 10 out of 12
meetings, HAP will pay the balance. Members can
attend up to four 12-week sessions. That’s 48 weeks,
almost a full year!
Change Your Scale – and Your Life
Weight Watchers® encourages you to adopt a healthy
lifestyle, not a diet. You’ll get expert advice and support,
interactive tools to stay on track and a customized
weight-loss plan you can live with – and live for. Already,
more than 25,000 HAP members have lost 250,000
pounds (yep, that’s 125 tons of weight loss). Ready to
join in?
To enroll, call
(888) 3-FLORINE
and mention you’re a HAP
member, or enroll online at
provide your HAP HMO or Alliance ID number.