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In This Issue.
3 Welcome to
LiveWell: Mid-Life
3 Change Your Scale – and Your Life
4 Could This Be the Secret to Preventing Alzheimer’s?
5 Flex Your Brain
6 Knowing These Numbers Can Save Your Life
8 Ready to Move? Five Things to Know about Your Body’s Design
10 Derail Your Chances of Diabetes
11 Redesign Your Plate
7 First-Time Grandparent = A Second Chance
9 A Brighter Future
12 Great Ways to Welcome Spring
7 One HAP Member’s Personal Makeover
11 Recipe: Chunky Greek-Style Salad with Tuna
Cover photo: Diane and Guy Edwards teach their grandson, Alex, age 7, to skate at Campus
Martius in downtown Detroit.
Cover photo by: John Sobczak
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A Resource for Healthy Living
LiveWell: Mid-Life
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