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LiveWell: Mid-Life
Nearly $200 billion per year. That’s how much the American Diabetes
Association estimates the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes costs
every year in America.
But the numbers that really count are even more frightening. More
than 12 million people aged 60 and over – nearly one in four – have
diabetes. Many face devastating complications such as blindness,
kidney disease, even amputation.
As you approach age 60, the risk of Type 2 diabetes increases
dramatically if you have:
An inactive lifestyle
A parent, brother or sister with diabetes
A history of heart disease
High blood pressure, low HDL cholesterol or a high
triglyceride level
The good news? Even a small amount of weight loss or physical
activity can help. You can reduce your risk of developing diabetes with
these four steps:
Eat healthy
– Choose a diet that’s low in fat and calories to
help your body use insulin and process blood sugar.
– Physical activity helps keep your blood glucose at
healthy levels. Exercise improves your body’s use of insulin,
keeps your weight under control, improves cholesterol levels
and lowers the risk of heart disease. The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests exercising at least 30
minutes every day.
Periodic checks
– Have your doctor check your fasting glucose
every three years and even more often if you fall into a high-
risk category.
Stay healthy
– Maintain overall good health by getting all
your annual health screenings. The more ft you are in general,
the better you’ll be able to avoid diabetes as you age.
Derail Your Chances of Diabetes
Recognize the Warning
Signs of Diabetes
Frequent trips to the bathroom
Unquenchable thirst
Losing weight without trying
Weakness and fatigue
Tingling or numbness in your
hands, legs or feet
Blurred vision
Infections, cuts and bruises that
take a long time to heal
If you notice any of these symptoms,
contact your doctor right away.
If you want help managing your diabetes, please contact
HAP’s HealthTrack toll-free at
(800) 288-2902