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Cool Down
When you are nearing the end of your walk, gradually reduce your
speed and intensity. When you are finished walking, stretch your
muscles one more time to reduce soreness and improve flexibility:
Warrior II
Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width apart and toes
pointed straight ahead. Turn your right foot to the right, keeping
your pelvis facing the front. Inhale as your raise your arms out to the
sides and exhale as you lower your pelvis toward the floor by
bending the right knee until it is positioned over the right foot. Press
your feet apart as if you are trying to split the floor. Gaze over your
right middle finger and take five deep breaths.
Stand with your feet 3-4’ apart, toes
pointed straight ahead, and arms
out to a “T”. Keeping your belly
facing forward, inhale and turn your
right foot to the right. Exhale and
bring your right hand towards the
right big toe while the left hand
points up towards the ceiling.
Inhale and look up towards the
ceiling. Take five deep breaths.
Return to the starting position.
Repeat on the left side.
Revolving Forward Bend
Spread legs wider than shoulder
width placing your hands on hips.
Keeping your back straight, hinge
at the hips to bring torso forward
to a 90˚ angle. With knees
unlocked reach for the floor. Walk
your hands to the right foot and
bring your right hand up towards
the ceiling while rotating your
chest to the right. Hold for five
deep breaths, then walk your
hands to the left foot and repeat
while lifting your left arm toward
the ceiling.