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Stretching and Conditioning
Warm Up
Before setting out on a walk, it is important to stretch your
muscles to prevent cramping and possible injury. Try these
stretches to get your muscles warmed up for your walk:
Single Leg Shoulder Press
Standing on one leg, press your opposite
arm toward the ceiling. Your stance hip
should jut out sideways as you lower
your arm and then straighten at the top
of your press. Perform two sets of 12
Walker’s Arms
Stand with one foot in front of the other
with knees unlocked and chest up tall.
Draw in your belly button while you
rapidly alternate forward and backward
movement with the arms. Elbows should
be bent at a 90˚ angle. Perform 20
backward movements on each arm then
switch your stance so your other foot is in
the front.
Walking Knee Hugs
Standing tall, walk forward while hugging one
knee to your chest. Alternate knees with each
step forward. Be sure your back stays straight
and allow the foot on the floor to raise onto
the toe. Perform 15 knee hugs on each leg.
Sidelying Back Stretch
Lying on your right side, bend your hips and knees to 90˚. Place
your right hand on top of your left leg to prevent your thighs from
separating or sliding apart. Rotate your chest towards the ceiling
while attempting to allow the left shoulder blade to come down to
the floor. Inhale and exhale deeply. Hold for one minute. Repeat
lying on left side.