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Challenge yourself and find a 5K (or 10K) Walk or Run that
will happen later in the season. Your daily walks will help you
train for the big event!
Online Tools
American Heart Association (AHA)
has a variety of online
tools to help you stay motivated and record your progress. Go to
to find:
Local walking clubs
An online activity tracker
A program to help you set up a walking route
A social network for walkers, and more!
The AHA also has a FREE Walking Paths app for your smartphone.
Scan the iPhone or Android QR codes below to access the AHA
Walking Paths App.
Other Tips
Vary your route – a change of scenery can keep you from
getting bored
Reward yourself when you reach certain goals or milestones
Upload your favorite playlist and move to the music
Focus on how good exercise makes you feel, and remember
that feeling when you are tempted to skip a walk
Staying Motivated
Find a Partner or Group
Many people find extra motivation and accountability when they
walk with others. Try to find at least one other person that you can
walk with on a regular basis. If you work outside the home, start a
walking group at your workplace or try having a walking meeting.
If you don’t work outside the home, try starting a neighborhood
walking group, or hold family meetings while you walk.
I will walk with:
_ ________________________________________
At this time:
_ ___________________________________________
On these dates: