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Keeping Records
The goal of keeping records is to increase the total amount of
walking you are able to do from week to week.
Walk for Better
is a tool kit to help get you started. Use this book to track
your steps. We recommend that you track your progress for 6 to 8
weeks. The final page of this book can be removed and copied so
you can continue tracking your steps.
Tracking the steps you routinely take every day will give you an
idea of what you are doing right now. The goal of the
Walk for
Better Health
tool kit is to help you get started and to increase the
number of steps you take each day.
Setting Goals
Start recording your steps the first day, and by the end of the first
week you will have a baseline number of steps to use as you set
goals for the coming weeks. An achievable goal for most people is
to increase their average daily steps by 10 percent at the end of
each week to work up to or beyond 10,000 steps per day. For
example, if your average daily steps in the first week are 5,000
steps per day, a possible daily goal for the second week would be
an average of 5,500 steps per day. If you are struggling to increase
the number of steps you take each day, try adding steps to what
you do already, like:
• Park farther from your destination
• Walk your dog
• Take the stairs instead of the elevator
• Go for a walk each morning or at night after dinner
Here is an example of a SMART goal:
This week I will walk for
20 minutes per day, during my lunch hour.
My goal for this week is
Goals to Become More Active
pecific- know what you have to do each day to reach your goal
easurable- track your progress as you strive to meet your goal
chievable- don’t be afraid to push yourself, but set a goal you
can reach
ealistic- think about your strengths and weaknesses when setting
the goal
ime frame- have a defined start and end date for your goal