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Tracking Your Steps
Tracking your steps every day will help you to identify your current
activity level and set goals for the future. Each page in this log has
room for you to track your weekly steps. Track each day on a new
line. Then calculate your weekly total at the bottom of each page.
Your Goals
Use your total steps at the end of your first week to set your goal
for your second week. A good goal is to increase your weekly steps
by 10 percent until you are walking 10,000 steps per day or more.
Don’t Stop There
Continue to track your progress for several weeks. The last page of
this book can be removed and copied so you can continue to track
your progress. Many people feel motivated when they see their
progress week to week.
Week 1
Daily Steps Goal:______________________________
Weekly Steps Goal:____________________________
Daily Steps
Weekly Total
(add daily totals
together to get
weekly total)
I met my weekly steps goal
I did not meet my weekly
steps goal