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Getting Care

Not Sure What Help You Need?

Your personal care physician (PCP) is the best place to start. Your PCP will be able to offer advice about problems such as mild depression. Your PCP will ask a few simple screening questions to determine if you should be referred to a behavioral medicine professional.

Coordinating Care with Your PCP

Keep your PCP aware of any treatment you receive.
To ensure you get the best results with few complications, you may be asked to sign a release for your PCP and the behavioral medicine professional to exchange important, appropriate information about your care.

Do You Need a Referral?

If you are in HAP's open-delivery system, you may self-refer (make your own appointment without direction from your PCP) for mental health and substance abuse specialists. Do this by selecting a provider listed in the HAP online Provider Directory.

If you are unsure of what type of provider you need, or whether you are in an open-delivery system, call a Managed Care Specialist at (800) 444-5755 or (313) 664-8300.

If your PCP is affiliated with Henry Ford or Genesys health systems, then follow the instructions supplied in your HAP Subscriber Contract to access behavioral services.

Contact Managed Care Specialist

HAP's Managed Care Specialists are licensed psychologists or social workers who can recommend options for your care. If you have questions or would like assistance, call (800) 444-5755 or (313) 664-8300.

Wait-Time Standards

HAP has established behavioral medicine wait-time standards to ensure that you receive the care you need within the appropriate period of time.

You can expect to receive care according to the following guidelines:

Emergency services should be sought immediately by going to the nearest emergency room. The definition of an emergency is a condition that requires immediate intervention to prevent serious harm to the member or to others. An example of this would be a member threatening suicide or violence. Your local police department can be contacted for assistance, if needed, by dialing 911.

Urgent services must be provided within 24 hours of the request being made. The definition of urgent is a sudden condition that requires treatment but is not life threatening, such as persistent depression.

Routine services must be provided within seven days of the request being made. Routine is defined as treatment not requiring immediate attention but which does require an appointment, such as mild depression.

If you need help getting the care you need, contact Coordinated Behavioral Health Management toll-free at (800) 444-5755.

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