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Here, with Medicare options as low as $0/month.* We’re putting the thoughtful benefits you want in your plan.
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Here, working overtime for employers. We’re constantly collaborating and customizing plans that make sense for your business.
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Here, with health plans for individuals that give you more choice and value. And with the help and support you need to find the right plan for you.
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Here, with opportunities to help you meet your clients’ health care needs.
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Here, partnering with thousands of providers…  just like you.
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Customer service

(800) 422-4641
HAP Senior Plus®
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Alliance Medicare Supplement:
(800) 873-7526 TTY: 711

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Individual and family plans
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(855) 948-4427
HMO Plans
(800) 759-3436
PPO Plans
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Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company
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HAP Empowered
(888) 654-2200
Medicare Plans - Ready to join?
(800) 868-9885 TTY: 711