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HAP Empower Your Health Rewards

Staying healthy is more important than ever. Here at HAP Empowered, we encourage our members to stay on top of their wellness screenings and tests. To help reward your healthy behavior, we offer the HAP Empower Your Health Rewards program. You could earn gift cards for tests and services you’re probably already planning on getting.  

Starting January 2022, you will no longer be required to fill out a form. Your doctor will send us a claim for your completed screening or test and we will automatically send your reward to you. It's easier than ever to get rewarded for getting your wellness screenings and tests.

The exception to this is reward for prenatal visits. You will need to fill out and send back the Prenatal Rewards Form in order to receive the reward for the Prenatal Visit.

Program overview

Start earning rewards today. Simply:

1. Talk to your doctor to determine which services you are due for this year.

2. Schedule an appointment to complete those services that are you due for. These appointments can be:

  • In-person visits
  • Home-testing kits
  • In-home office visits
  • Telehealth visits

3. Complete eligible tests and services.

All services and tests that are eligible for rewards must be completed between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022. The eligible tests and services are outlined below. Only the tests and services outlined in the table will receive rewards. Members enrolled in the Healthy Michigan Plan are also eligible to for a reward for completing their annual Dental Appointment.

2022 HAP Empowered Reward Your Health Rewards (Medicare and Healthy Michigan Plan)

Service Reward Amount Age Criteria Reward Requirement
Child and Adolescent Services
Well-Child Exams: 6 Visits $50 Between 31 days and 15 months of life Must complete all 6 visits within the specific age criteria in order to recieve the reward
Annual Well-Child Visits $50 3-17 years At least one visit per year 
Lead Screening  $25 By age 2  At least once by age 2
Childhood Immunizations
  • 4 Doses of DTaP
  • 3 Doses of IPV
  • 1 Dose of MMR
  • 3 Doses of HiB
  • 3 Dose of HepB
  • 1 Dose of VZV
  • 4 Doses of PCV
$50 Completed by age 2 Must receive all doses listed
Immunizations for Adolescents
  • 1 Dose of Meningococcal Conjugate
  • 1 Dose of Tdap
  • 2 Doses of HPV
$50 Completed between the ages of 9 and 13 years Must receive all doses listed
Women's Preventive Health
Mammogram Screening $50 50-74 years At least once every 2 years
Chlamydia Test $25 16-24 years At least once a year
If You Are Pregnant
Prenatal Visit $75 All Ages

Complete at least one visit within the  first 3 months of pregnancy or within 42 days of becoming a HAP Empowered Medicaid member

Download 2022 Prenatal Care Rewards Form

Postpartum Visit $25 All Ages Complete at least one visit between 7-84 days after having your baby
If You Have Diabetes
Retinal eye Exam $25 18-75 Years At least once every 2 years
Adult Preventive Services
Annual Doctor's Visits $25 20-44 Years At least one visit per year
Dental Services - Healthy Michigan Plan Specific
 Annual Dental Visits $50 19-64 Years At least one visit per year

4. Get Rewarded Automatically. We'll track your rewards by looking at the claims your HAP Empowered doctor sends us. You may only receive one reward per type of test each year.

5. Receive your rewards. InComm InCentives will mail you a voucher for the value of the rewards you earned. 

6. Redeem your rewards. Redeem your rewards online or by mail for your choice of a gift card from national retailers. 

Member Rewards FAQs

HAP Empowered Health Plan, Inc., a Michigan Medicaid Health Plan, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Alliance Plan of Michigan (HAP). It is a Michigan nonprofit, taxable corporation.